Dream Bars

Lotto Max

LOTTO MAX is Ontario’s biggest lottery, re-investing 100% of its profits back into the province. However, the player base is aging. Only 14% of players are between the ages 18 and 35, compared to 29% of the population, which puts this community contribution at risk.


Our target thinks there are better ways to spend their money than on the lottery. But they do spend on food, allocating 44% of their monthly expenditures on eating out. Introducing LOTTO MAX Dream Bars. The first lottery ticket that gives you a taste of the millionaire life. We turned items only millionaires can afford into ice cream bars: Rare Oil Painting, Designer Handbag, Private Island, and Grail Sneaker. Dream Bars drove a 126% increase in weekly digital sales during the campaign period, six times our campaign objective.