Ritz - Ritz Fits

For years, Ritz crackers’ snacking occasions were pretty much limited to where the box of Ritz was – 99% of the time, that’s back at home. New Ritz To Go is a 14-cracker pack that travels way beyond the front door. To introduce this new format, our campaign included  pioneering outdoor ads that used real-time commuter information from the Toronto Transit Commission, as well as highway vehicle data – demonstrating how no matter if you’re waiting for the streetcar or the off ramp, Ritz To Go takes snacking anywhere, anytime.

  • Ritz Advertisements sent around the city to change perception about Ritz cracker, done by FCB
  • FCB Toronto Full Service Advertising Agency using electronic billboards and traffic information to rebrand Ritz
  • Ritz advertising idea and execution performed by FCB Toronto.